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Face and Neck Lift

Face Lift
This surgery tightens the skin of the cheeks, neck, and jowls. It typically rejuvenates the face by ten to 15 years and maintains lasting effects for a similar timeframe. It’s important to note the skin on your face continues to age after the surgery, which is why the results aren’t permanent.
A standard facelift surgery may take anywhere from two to six hours depending on the extent of your surgery.
Scars from a facelift are hidden in your hairline and around your ears. Your specialist will tighten the skin and underlying muscle to create a youthful, fresh appearance.
Standard facelifts are normally outpatient procedures, but some patients elect to stay overnight for monitoring and assistance.
Neck Lift
A neck lift focuses on the loose skin of the neck without doing much for the cheeks and jowls. It is less complex and takes less time than a standard facelift but does not provide as much rejuvenation in other areas. Neck lifts may be good options for:
  • younger patients with only a small amount of early neck looseness,
  • those who have had a previous standard facelift and would like a touch up of the neck, or
  • older patients looking for improvement only on loose neck skin.
Neck lift surgery usually lasts between one and three hours and is recommended for people who have loose neck skin. You should note that this procedure only addresses the neck.
If you would like to see rejuvenation elsewhere on your face, you should consider a standard facelift. Some patients also choose to have a brow or forehead lift alongside a facelift.
To determine if a standard facelift, mini facelift, and/or neck lift are the right decision for you, request a consultation with one of our facial plastic and reconstruction specialists.
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